A Cool Bunco Party

We live in Southern California and our winters are pretty mild compared to other parts of the world.  While some folks are dealing with freezing cold weather (burr!), we’re dealing with temperatures in the high 60s/low 70s.  Although, our local mountains can get some snow, it’s not a guarantee, so we have to create our […]

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Nautical Themed Lunch

 Do you love the nautical look?  I think it’s very classy.  And since it’s typically shown in patriotic colors of red, white and blue, it never goes out of style.  We wanted to create a nautical table for summer that is beautiful and stylish.  Please join us as we Seas the Day. To create our […]

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A Storm Watch Luncheon

Before the May flowers begin to bloom, we often get a dose of April showers.  But instead of a gloomy forecast, we’ve brightened things up with our Storm Watch luncheon.  Here you can enjoy a dose of friendship sprinkled with some sunshine.  And if the weather doesn’t permit you to venture beyond your front door, […]

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