Sunflowers and Scarecrows

  Bless the Harvest with a Sunflowers and Scarecrows Table Corn is plentiful during the fall, so we’ve put together a corn inspired menu for our delightful Sunflowers and Scarecrows table. We invite you to a bowl of hot corn chowder, so please take a seat and stay a while! Those cheerful sunflowers and darling […]

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A Beach Ball Party

Celebrate Summer with a Beach Ball Party   This Beach Ball Party is colorful and cute.  Who wouldn’t want to join in on all the fun?  That’s why you’re here…right?  To celebrate and have fun.  So grab your sunglasses and suntan lotion and get ready to have a blast.     Dip into Summer Cut […]

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Easter Breakfast for Kids Only

Jammies and Jelly Beans Look what we found while hoppin’ through the bunny trail!  A colorful kid’s table!       Yes, this is a kid’s table and every youngster will love sitting at it.  Cute Easter hats are laid out for each child to wear.  Don’t worry if your kids don’t want to get […]

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