Celebrate Summer with a Beach Ball Party


This Beach Ball Party is colorful and cute.  Who wouldn’t want to join in on all the fun?  That’s why you’re here…right?  To celebrate and have fun.  So grab your sunglasses and suntan lotion and get ready to have a blast.



Dip into Summer

Cut fresh vegetables lengthwise.  Place dip in the bottom of your plastic cups and add veggies.  Post a sign to have your guests “take a dip.”




Float Away to Paradise

These inner tubes are not just for kids.  Adults will love them, too.  Just watch them float away!




Got cupcakes?

Cool off with these delicious cupcakes and a glass of ice cold milk.




Beware of Sharks

You might not want to stick your hand in this gummy “shark tank.”  You just might find them irresistible!




Pool Noodles for Everyone

There’s plenty of red and blue licorice to go around, so make sure you grab one…or two…or three.  They’re just so sweet!




Watermelon Popsicles

Sliced watermelon is delicious on a warm summer day.  Slice in a triangle shape and place a stick through the rind.  Position in “weighted” plastic buckets to hold the melon popsicles in place.




Grab and Go

Place fresh fruit in individual cups, so your guests can grab them easily.




It’s in the Bag

Place a variety of chips in a large bucket.  Be sure to choose flavors that compliment your theme, if possible.




Pineapple Rings

These multicolored pineapple rings are all lined up for guests to enjoy.  Get the instructions below.



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Learn how to make Colorful Sliced Pineapple Rings – click below.