Colorful Sliced Pineapple Rings


Learn how to make these colorful sliced pineapple rings.  We made them for our Beach Ball Party (see link below) and they were a huge hit.



Colorful Sliced Pineapple Rings



5 cans of sliced pineapple

5 Jell-O gelatin packages (different flavors)




These pineapple rings are easy to make.  Purchase five cans of pineapple (sliced) and five different flavored Jell-O® gelatin packages.  Open each can of pineapple slices and drain the juice (save the juice, as you’ll be using it in place of the water when preparing the gelatin).  Prepare Jell-O® according to the directions, however, replace the water indicated on the directions with the pineapple juice.  Pour liquid Jell-O® mixture into each can and refrigerator until mixture thickens or overnight.  Take a knife around the edge of the can to loosen the gelatin and remove pineapple slices from the cans.  Slice and serve decoratively on a platter.



Celebrate Summer with a Beach Ball Party.  Click on the below link.