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A Beach Ball Party

Celebrate Summer with a Beach Ball Party   This Beach Ball Party is colorful and cute.  Who wouldn’t want to join in on all the fun?  That’s why you’re here…right?  To celebrate and have fun.  So grab your sunglasses and suntan lotion and get ready to have a blast.     Dip into Summer Cut […]

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Sparkling Jeweled Donuts

  Who can resist these colorful donuts?  Although you could make your own, we purchased fresh donuts from the donut shop.  Then we made them sparkle with tinted icing and various toppings.  They’re just so beautifully irresistible, you might find them disappearing before your eyes.  So you might want to make a few extras.   […]

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Colorful Rainbow Waffles

  Rainbow Waffles   Don’t these colorful rainbow waffles make you feel like a kid again?  Truth be told, my mom never served rainbow waffles.  But if she did, I would have remembered them forever.  They’re just so cute…and playful…and colorful!  However, there is a method to getting the vibrant colors to pop.  So take […]

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