Arise & Go


Arise and Go, When a Nation in Need, Needs You, is a 4-week bible study on the book of Jonah. Beautiful photos and fun activities are included to enhance the overall study.  Great for individual or small group bible studies.

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  • Do you feel the country is moving in the wrong direction?
  • Disturbed by headline news reporting more stories of tragedy and sin?
  • Do you feel as if the world and its behaviors are spinning out of control?
  • If God asked you to help, in some small way, would you?
  • Would it surprise you to know that this has happened before?

The ancient city of Nineveh, capital of Assyria, was on the verge of being destroyed because of their wickedness.  The people were out of control and heartless in their hatred and cruelty towards their enemies.

God called on His prophet Jonah, to warn the people of Nineveh to repent or else.  But instead, Jonah fled in the opposite direction, as far away from Nineveh as possible.

Join us for this 4-week bible study, where we will journey along with Jonah and discover:

  • The Sovereignty of God – He is the Captain of our Ship
  • The Patience of God – He is our Serenity in the Storm
  • The Compassion of God – He is the Lifesaver of our Souls
  • The Mercy of God – He is the God of Second Chances

The gospel is for all who will repent from their sins and believe.  No one is beyond redemption – not an evil empire, not a prophet, and not you or me.

Unlike Jonah, God may not be calling you to cross a border into a foreign land to share His word, maybe He’s calling you to just cross the street.  If so, will you…arise and go?


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