Woodlands Christmas Music


Woodlands Christmas Music


I love creating Christmas playlists for our Christmas gatherings.  It really sets the tone of our get-togethers when the music matches or compliments our overall theme.  For our Woodlands Christmas, I created this playlist which has a mix of country and Celtic songs.  The songs were chosen and placed in a specific order, so they flowed from one to another.  That’s how you create a really good playlist – by choosing the right songs and then arranging them appropriately.  Sometimes, you may have to remove a really good song because it doesn’t match the overall tone of the playlist.  In other instances, you may chose a specific song because it helps segue from one genre into another, such as country to Celtic.


There are so many wonderful Christmas songs, it’s a shame the radio stations don’t play many of them. They stick to the classics, which I love, but over the years of putting playlists together, I have fallen in love with so many other Christmas songs.  For example, on this playlist, I fell in love with the song “Heaven and Nature Singing” and “Gloria!”  I had never heard them before, but they quickly became a favorite!  Gabriel’s Message is absolutely gorgeous!  Although Sting has a wonderful version, I really love the version by Jars of Clay, as it fits with the overall sound of the playlist.  Enjoy!


Woodlands believe

Woodlands Christmas Playlist


  1. The Angel at the Top of My Tree by Kenny Chesney

  2. Go Tell It on the Mountain by Tenth Avenue North

  3. Heaven and Nature Singing by The Pathfinders

  4. Christmas in the Mountains by Faron Young

  5. Christmas Tree by Michael W. Smith

  6. Down in Yon Forest by Steeleye Span

  7. The Holly and the Ivy by Loreena McKennitt

  8. Christmas Star by David Shelley Ensemble

  9. Gabriel’s Message by Jars of Clay

  10. There’s a Voice in the Wilderness by Mike Crawford and his Secret Siblings

  11. Christmas in the Woods by Tyler Deveau

  12. Gloria! (The Song of the Shepherds) by Jason Gray

  13. Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson

  14. Christmas in the Country by Riki Knox



“Sure do wish that I could have been there

When the cries of the baby filled the air

And the birds in the sky sing together like they’d never sung”

Heaven and Nature Singing


© By Sheri Lamas