Coffee Around the World


How do you take your coffee? Black? Cream? Sugar? Coffee has been a staple in households for centuries and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Thousands of new coffee shops pop up every day and there is a plethora of ways to drink your coffee. Here are some favorite ways people around the world drink theirs. You might be surprised to learn your “special” cup was actually started somewhere else!





Turk Kahvesi is brewed unfiltered and is quite strong. You also have the joy of drinking your coffee with the grounds in it.



Café Bombon is extremely sweet made with equal amounts of condensed milk and black coffee.



Flat White is made with steamed, velvety milk poured over a shot of expresso. Almost like a latte but served in a smaller cup with less foam.



Their favorite coffee drink is the Frappe’. Iced coffee mixed with milk foam and usually sweetened.






Italians are known for their love of rich espresso, but did you know a true Italian espresso has a small slice of lemon in it?



Café de Olla is served in a clay mug with a cinnamon stick. And if you’d like it sweetened use only unrefined cane sugar.



Irish coffee is probably the most widely known of the world’s coffee. Most people drink this as a dessert with its mixture of coffee, good Irish whiskey, sugar and topped with thick cream.





Wiener Mélange is espresso topped with steamed milk, milk foam, whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder.



Café au lait is made with equal parts steamed milk and coffee. It is always served in a big cup to dip their French pastries and croissants.



Moroccans love their coffee full of spices mixing cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg into freshly brewed strong dark coffee.



Kaffeost is hot coffee poured over cheese curds or juustoleipä. Not really my cup of tea, but the Finnish love it.




However you take your coffee, just be sure to have it with friends.  After all, friends make the perfect blend to this delicious drink.


© By Cindy M. Lloyd