Simple Suggestions to Make it a Great Day


People typically end a conversation, voice mail, or email with the phrase, “Have a great day.”  It’s a wonderful expression of wishing someone well.  However, many years ago, I heard a voice mail message that changed my outlook on that quote.  The message ended with “Make it a great day.” By changing 1-2 words, you have a slightly different meaning.  Having a great day takes somewhat of a passive approach to life, allowing your day to fall as it may.  That may be fine for some of you, while others may want to be more engaged.  Making it a great day takes an active approach to your day.  It involves making a concerted effort to make one’s day remarkable.  Even if a person is going through some difficult times, they can take small steps to turn their day around.  Their overall circumstances may not change right away, but their attitude or outlook can change.  Like they say, “attitude is everything.”


All we have is the present.  Sure I hope to wake-up tomorrow and do it all over again, but I’m only promised today.  Life is lived one day at a time, so in order to have a great life, it’s best to start with the present and take advantage of today.  So what are some things you can do to “make it” a great day?  While your list may vary from mine, here are a few simple suggestions to get your day started in the right direction.



Great day



KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES for the day and order your day around them.  My faith is very important to me.  So early in the morning, I spend time (quiet time, as I call it) reading scripture and praying.  I’ve done this for years and it has become a habit.  Good habits are good for you!  Fitness is also important, so I fit it into my day.  Are there days when I don’t get around to it?  Sure, but the key is to make sure they are few and far between, so I make an effort to fit it in, even if it’s brief.


MAKE A LIST of what you want to accomplish that day.  I am a list maker and it helps keep me on track.  I find when I set out to achieve what is on my list and am successful at checking off each item, I feel a sense of satisfaction.  I think there is a lot of truth in the saying, “Wake-up determined, so you go to bed satisfied.”  Even if you missed the alarm and your day gets started off on the wrong note, you can quickly change gears and try to accomplish at least one thing on your list before your head hits the pillow.  Something is better than nothing, but always strive for more.


STAY FOCUSED.  Interruptions can come in many forms.  If you’re not vigilant, you can end up wasting a lot of time.  The key is to stay focused on what is important.  If you receive a phone call from someone trying to make the most of their time, while sitting in traffic, it could cost you your time.  You’ll need to evaluate the situation to see if it’s worth it.  Perhaps you haven’t spoken to this person in a while and welcome the conversation.  However, if that phone call is costing you more than you wish to give up, it may be time to politely end the discussion.  It’s your call [pun intended] – you decide.


KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN MIND.  Focus on your objectives, not just your activities.  Many people are busy, but they’re not necessarily productive or moving toward a goal.  Think of life as a roadmap.  You have a target in mind and each day should bring you closer to your ideal destination.  Yes, there will be detours along the way and the path is not always a straight one.  But by keeping your long term objectives at the forefront, it will help you make the most of today and keep you from wandering through life.  Unless, of course, that is your objective.  As the saying goes, “Not all who wander are lost.”


I could give you so much more and will later, but think about how you could “Make it” a great day!


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Until next time…wink, wink!