A Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Party


This baby shower is just so ducky!  Blue and yellow were chosen, since our guest of honor was expecting a little boy.  And boy, is he a little cutie!


A great way to throw a baby shower they’ll remember is to start with a theme.  Then choose two complimentary colors and carry it out through your tableware. Here we have a blue and yellow rubber duck theme.  Different rubber ducks were placed at each place setting.



An inflatable duck was filled with personalized water bottles and ice for our guests to enjoy on a warm spring day.


Did you know…the first rubber ducks manufactured didn’t float!


Three different healthy sandwiches were served.  Guests could choose from vegetarian, chicken salad or turkey sandwiches.



Fruit skewers make it easy for guests to grab and place on their plates.  Use different colored fruit for a rainbow effect.



Top sugar cookies with blue icing and a yellow duck.


Rubber ducks became popular after a Sesame Street® episode where Ernie is singing “Rubber Duckie” in the bathtub.


The icing on the cake was made to look like bubbles from a bath.


Rubber ducks in a bathtub calm a child’s fear of water immersion. The toy ducks act as a diversion.


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